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    Audio problem when using UAD console

    Hi guys.. I have an annoying problem. after ten minutes of streaming, my audio got issues. I've noticed it before. I've checked my logs but can anyone help me or give advice? I don't understand it.
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    OBS ASIO and UAD Console (Switching / Locking 44khz when running 48khz)

    I always run everything on my computer at 48 khz and the first time I used OBS ASIO it allowed me to run 48khz. Now, every time I add ASIO Input Audio Capture as a source in OBS, it immediately switches my UAD console to 44khz and locks the rate so I can't change it. Forcing me to change all...
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    ASIO UAD t-bolt Crash

    Hi Guys, So I already tried setting this up with just a WDM driver mixdown of what's in my UAD console but the audio in all cases (regardless of buffer or sample rate settings) was very glitchy and unusable. I tried downloading the obs-asio plugin v3.0.0 and installed bassio in the proper...
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    Question / Help DAW Streaming with Audio interface - OBS Crackles/static noise (not buffer size)

    I've been struggling with my apollo twin duo on windows (thunderbolt). Tried every piece of software to have my DAW and OBS communicate with each other (voice meter, all the common ones, etc.) . However the only way I can do it is messing with direct sound on my daw audio preferences. But then I...