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    Problems with OBS 28 on iMac i5 Dual-core Ventura iOS

    Since I update to OBS 28, I have many problems with my stream on YouTube and Twitch. I can't set my obs to do I good stream like older version. Can someone help me?
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    Drop Connection

    Hi everyone, this my first time using OBS 27.2.4 for Streaming but i have some issue . when i start stream before open games i can get connection around 5000 kb/ps, but if i opened the game it will down to 0 - 900 kb/s and it will back to 5000 kb/s if i close the game HAHA. i don't know what...
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    Issue while window capture

    Hi everyone. I'm new using OBS Studio and I'm having a trouble with it in my Windows 10 laptop. I hadn't any problem when I ran OBS Studio with a portable Ubuntu image in the same laptop nor when I ran it on my other laptop, a convetible HP with lower specs. My problem is the following: I open...
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    HELP: i need to connect Yamaha TF3 to OBS

    Hello, this is Paul. My object is to stream audio and video using obs. Let me explain my trouble, I use a Yamaha tf3 to capture the audio coming from the stage, and then I send 2 cables xlr through a matrix output 1 and 2 to another audio interface Behringer UMC 202 HD, which is connected via...
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    Help with Custom RTMP URL and KEY

    Hey everyone, I'm streaming to a site that gave me a weird URL and Streamkey, Im trying to figure out how to get my url and key out of it. I don't want to post the whole thing in this forum, but I'll add a portion of both. Does anyone know how OBS parses this for the key so I can populate it...
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    Question / Help Obs cutting away part of recorded area

    OBS is cutting part of recording area and you can see it on next videos: vid1,vid2,vid3. It would be nice to get some help on this. This trouble appears from previous update of OBS and nothing of it was earlear. Thanks for any help.
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    Question / Help <SOLVED> Some new, different bug of OBS, came from nowhere?

    Hi, i'm usually streaming 1080p 60fps via NVENC with 6000 bitrate, but last weeks i struggle with some new bug, idk how to tell, just because i can't find any info about this issue in the Google, so, what i have: OBS starts eating CPU with time, always increasing "average time of the frame...