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    PCI Lanes or Something Else?

    During streams, no system hardware is reporting over 50% usage. But at times the camera video on scene will get a bit chopping as if there is a frame drop, but no reported drop is reported in OBS. Making me think the issue occurs before OBS is processing the stream. My hypothesis is PCI lanes...
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    Question / Help OBS Thread Crashed (w/ Report)

    CPU is not overclocked, memory is not overclocked. Only 3rd party program I use is Elgato Capture for 4K60 cap card. No spikes in temperature. Normally runs at 30%-50% CPU usage maximum. But will suddenly say "Encoding Overloaded" very randomly. Can work for weeks without crashes. "Unhandled...
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    Question / Help Thread Crashing Help

    Each time I would try to stream or record I'd get an error similar to this one below, my pc used to be able to stream and record before I haven't overclocked or changed any of my specs, asking for help because I can't find any way to fix it.