team fortress 2

  1. H

    OBS Studio Not Recording Team Fortress 2

    Hey there! When I try to use OBS to record TF2, it only records a black screen with game audio. TF2 is fullscreen, I am using game recording, capture specific window and then [hl2.exe]: Team Fortress 2. It doesn't create any log files for some reason, and the video is just a black screen...
  2. T

    Question / Help OBS Quality Issue

    In OBS I'm running as high quality I can get and it looks great in OBS, but whenever it gets rendered to file it looks bad. For example, when I look back at the video it looks grainy and some spots like the middle of the screen are blurry. I've tried .mp4/.flv, simple/advanced output methods...
  3. OtterGauze

    Question / Help XComposite and Source Engine Games

    (This post is a direct copy/paste of a post I made in the Linux Mint forums about a month ago that came to no avail, aside from changes to my screenfetch) This has been one of the only major problems I've encountered on my switch to Linux. Overall, everything else has gone swimmingly, and I'm...