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    Encoding queue duration surpassed 5 seconds, terminating encoder

    I stream Escape From Tarkov, and am running into a frequent issue. At the end of every round my game briefly becomes unresponsive for a few seconds (the game then continues running normally), I then receive the following error message below, my Twitch stream immediately ends but the recording to...
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    Game Capture NOT working - Need help

    Hi Guys and Girls , I am starting to loose my patience with OBS - I have uninstalled Done a full Windows format Still my Game Capture wont capture my games - Specifically Modern Warfare and Escape From Tarkov. Its annoying as hell as i have to use display capture which obviously has a...
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    Question / Help Blurriness on 900p 6k bitrate fast preset what am i missing?

    Hello guys, I am having a problem that drives me crazy. I have been streaming tarkov recently and every time i am around grass it looks TERRIBLE and although i know this game is bad with the sharpness and foliage in my case is worse than others. So my rig is cpu i7 9700k gpu 1060 3gb ram...