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    Echo with Realtek headphone virtualization enabled

    Hi I have a little problem ( also this could help some peoples with the same problem ) I tried to record some stuff in game and on my desktop with OBS and noticed my sound had a echo... So I spent hours searching where it could come from, trying all solution I could find on the web, nothing...
  2. D

    Mono microphone heared in all 6 channels (5.1) instead of just stereo channels

    Hello, I think the title explains everything. I record in 5.1 and i noticed that my mono microphone is present in every of the 6 channels when I edit the video, and I would like to have the microphone audio only in the right and left channels as should be according to the first screenshot. The...
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    16 audio channel streaming

    I'm able to stream 7.1 audio channels on Twitch. I can see there's an option for 16 channels but don't know a server/player that can decode that from OBS. Is there one compatible for 16 channels?