1. newbe36524

    Free Newbe.LiveCaptioning 0.1.1

    With this tool, you can add voice live captioning to your live streams to bring a better experience to your viewers. Download and Installation First, you can download the version that corresponds to your operating system from the Release page...
  2. T

    Add subtitles from .srt file

    Hi everyone. Is there any way to add open captions (hard-burned into the video) into a stream? My goal is to share some pre-recorded videos in a zoom meeting (using virtual-cam). I have .srt subtitle files available for these videos. There is some composition with watermarks etc. already going...
  3. X

    Auto Subtitle 0.5.0

    obs-auto-subtitle Auto Subtitle for OBS! Show the subtitle as long as you speak. Currently only support Chinese Mandarin. 简体中文 Feature Autosub Filter : transcode audio and send to Cloud provider. Aliyun NLS: Support for Aliyun real-time transcript. Xunfei RTASR: Support for Xunfei AI Cloud...
  4. O

    Question / Help How to convert text to speech and mix it with video?

    Can OBS convert text in a text file into speech, mix the speech in a video, meanwhile display the text on the video synchronized with the speech?