1. M

    VLC Videosource - Subtitle feature request: Play external subtitle file(s)

    Use external subtitle files with played video files - (SRT preferred) to show when there is no subtitle in videofile or - play external subtitle file prioritized, even when a subtitle is included in videofile. - Recognizable and differentiable by countrycode, when there are more than one...
  2. M

    VLC Videosource - Subtitle feature request: Subtitles recognizable by countrycode

    Problem: Currently a subtitle is being chosen by its position number in videos file. Not always the preferred language is on the same position. And if you wnt to make sure the right subtitle shows, you're being forced to remux every video file to change subtitles position. Possible solution...
  3. newbe36524

    Free Newbe.LiveCaptioning 0.1.1

    With this tool, you can add voice live captioning to your live streams to bring a better experience to your viewers. Download and Installation First, you can download the version that corresponds to your operating system from the Release page...
  4. T

    Add subtitles from .srt file

    Hi everyone. Is there any way to add open captions (hard-burned into the video) into a stream? My goal is to share some pre-recorded videos in a zoom meeting (using virtual-cam). I have .srt subtitle files available for these videos. There is some composition with watermarks etc. already going...
  5. X

    Auto Subtitle 1.0.0 beta1

    obs-auto-subtitle Auto Subtitle for OBS! Show the subtitle as long as you speak. Currently only support ASR Service Providers from China. 简体中文 Feature Autosub Filter : transcode audio and send to Cloud provider. Aliyun NLS: Support for Aliyun real-time transcript. Xunfei RTASR: Support for...
  6. O

    Question / Help How to convert text to speech and mix it with video?

    Can OBS convert text in a text file into speech, mix the speech in a video, meanwhile display the text on the video synchronized with the speech?