Free Newbe.LiveCaptioning 0.1.1

With this tool, you can add voice live captioning to your live streams to bring a better experience to your viewers.
Download and Installation
First, you can download the version that corresponds to your operating system from the Release page:


Then, extract this package to a pre-created folder.


Next, create a Cognitive Services in Azure Portal.

Tip 1: Speech to Text service is free for 5 hours per month, see

Tip 2: You can use this help to create a free Azure account including a 12-month free package, see

create service

region and key

Afterwards, fill in the generated region and key into appsettings.Production.json.

Remember to also change the Language option, e.g. en-us for American English and zh-cn for Simplified Chinese. You can see all supported languages by following this link:

update appsettings.Production.json

After that, start Newbe.LiveCaptioning.exe and you will see the following message, which means everything is working fine.

region and key

Finally, you can use your browser to open http://localhost:5000 and speak into your microphone to generate subtitles in real time.

live caption

Adding captions to OBS
First, open your OBS and add a browser component.

add browser

Fill in the url of the component with http://localhost:5000 and set an appropriate width and height.

add browser

Speak into your microphone and the caption will come out.


Everything is ready to go! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to give feedback via the following link.

Frequently Asked Questions
I'm speaking into the microphone, but the captions aren't coming out?
  • Please make sure your speech service has the correct region and key
  • Make sure you have filled in the Language option
  • Make sure your microphone is working properly, you can check the microphone's working status by using the small icon in the hosting menu. And make sure that the microphone privacy settings are set correctly.

mic privacy

I don't want to use my default microphone as input source, I want to use another microphone
We don't support this yet, and since we haven't received similar feedback, please let us know via issue if you have a confirmed need for this.
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