stream quailty

  1. L

    I'm not getting 1080p quality

    Hello and good night everybody, I'm writing this thread because even tho I research a lot and use multiple configurations to stream on twitch, I still don't get my transmission to run at 1080p at all, and I totally use 1080p 60 fps configuration on OBS, which I don't truly get why. I cannot...
  2. waterboy260

    Theres someone that I'm trying to watch on twitch and the only option is 1080P

    Hi is there any advice I can give to this streamer to allow there quality to select more options than just 1080P? My computer usually runs at 160p and i can't watch 1080P it laggs and studders I've looked at old threads and found no credential information to inform me with a solution in 2021.