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  1. H

    Bug Report Upload Biterate fluctuate , while I have good upload internet speed

    Hello Sir My Ethernet upload speed is 30mbps, and i set OBS for 6000bits upload for 720p 30fps. Whenever I stream after one and half hours upload speed start to fluctuate in OBS from 1500 to 6500bits. I don't know why and after that my stream becomes lag . I always run obs as administrator ...
  2. V

    Question / Help strange , i don't know

    Hello, when i stream game with OBS Studio, my fps is more than 150 but on my live stream page (twitch. tv/example/live) game is lagging ! but mouse and other windows progress are not lagging on live stream ... please help me
  3. W

    Question / Help OBS Studio Stream Playback LAG on almost every CPU Preset (x264)(Ryzen 5 1600)

    Hi! So since I bought this my Ryzen 5 1600 almost 2 years ago, I have been streaming really great. That CPU is perfect for 720p60 or even 1080p60. The quality was awesome no lag, nothing. I am streaming on Youtube. Streaming was piece of cake. And so I paused for few months and decided to start...
  4. S

    Question / Help Game is running fine but stream is lagging

    I tried to stream Kingdom Come: Deliverance through cpu and the later tried through gpu but stream is lagging. this wasnt happening before and I was able to stream without a problem suddenly this problem occured.I added some of my logs. You may take a look. I would really appreciate any kind of...
  5. dailydenny

    Question / Help OBS, OBS Streamlabs - FPS Drop, Lag, disconnect

    Hello everyone. I have big FPS Drop, Lag, disconnect on the stream. Game does not slow down. I start streaming 3 month ago - and i don't have problem never with my stream. All stream be 60 fps and don't lags, disconected and ets. 26.10.2018 My stream start laging, and stream shutdown. To date...