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  1. G

    Problemas de Conectividad / Bajones de Bitrate

    Siempre que hago stream por lo general nadie más usa el internet más que mi maquina y mi cel para ver el chat y siempre pasa que despues de cierto rato bajan el bitrate y se ppone el cuadro de stream en rojo, dura como 5 o 10 minutos y luego se vuleve a acomdar así cada 15 o 20 minutos En el...
  2. L

    Stream Visual quality issue

    whenever I stream and move fast in my game, the visuals get distorted, in my vod etc, and idk why. it doesn't happen to others who also use OBS studio. these are all my settings
  3. J

    Why is x264 working better than NVENC for me? (Low game FPS)

    Hi guys, I'm new to the streaming community. I've been playing games for a while now, and have started streaming for over a year now. Usually I stream 'Escape From Tarkov' and I haven't ran into any issues when using NVENC encoding until the recent release of Call of Duty: MW2. I'm running a...
  4. D

    FPS rendering problem on Steamlabs OBS

    Hello, I have been streaming on the Twitch platform for 9 months without any problem. I took a break for a month and when I wanted to start again I launched different games and I noticed an annoying problem, my stream runs in 20/30 fps instead of 60FPS. The computer is new, I tested the voltage...
  5. O

    Memory leak while streaming

    While streaming, I've been having major memory leaks where I've watched the RAM usage climb all the way up it 11GB of RAM, slow down my computer, FPS drops to around 11FPS and then forces my stream to disconnect. My computer specs are: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 32GB Ram Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti Windows 11 I...
  6. D

    Stream is pixelated

    Hello I stream to Youtube through OBS. My stream looks very pixelated. Resolution is base - 1920*1080 output - 1280*720 Bitrate - 4500 kbps Downscale filter - Bicubid (16 samples) FPS - 60 NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (NEW) Encoder Rate Control - CBR Keyframe interval - 2 Preset -...
  7. RaffyRanary

    [OBS Crashes] High RAM Usage and Very High Power Trend

    Hello Guys! My OBS repeatedly crashed the whole week. I'm streaming a Live Mass at 720P resolution (Dynamic Bitrate enabled) via Facebook Live. My PC is Intel i5 - 7400 with 16gb of RAM. GPU is GTX 1650 4GB. On the crash report log, it says that Unhandled exception: c0000005 Date/Time...
  8. D

    If anything Else please tell me!

    I have been streaming and my dropped frames has went down much less thanks to a user. I wanted to know if theirs anything else i can do to increase the display of my stream.
  9. sammieko

    NDI HX capture || help settings

    Helloo fellasss i need some help with my NDI screen capture. I’ve recently purchased this application: And i have to say it works Great in compare with every other app i tryed. got only one question now. Does someone knows how to lower the resolution and ive possible maybe the fps. Like when...
  10. E


    My dedicated streaming rig: i5 3570k, 2 x msi 660 sli 16Gb DDR3 OBS running in SSD ---------------------------------------- Internet speed: Upload: 990mbps download: 900mbps ---------------------------------------- Capture Card: Elgato HD 60S ----------------------------------------- I just...
  11. RyuSolo

    STREAM 720P / 60 FPS , image blurry

    Hey , I'm trying to config my OBS settings but i always the video is always blurry PC SPECS : CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 2600 (3.4 GHz) GPU - AMD Vega 56 RAM - 16 Gb - here's a clip of how it looks.. Can you help me fix this ? Thank you! Kind Regards, Ryu