1. C

    SIMPLY STARTING OBS causes stutter/lag in all games

    Hello everyone I have been streaming/recording for a couple of months now, and after a lot of help from the internet I had been ''successfully'' utilizing this amazing program. However, I noticed something strange, these last couple of weeks, as the title clearly says. I have done some testing...

    Question / Help OBS wont launch on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS

    Hello, I am new to this forum, however I have searched through the forum and other sources to look for a solution for my problem with no success. For the last couple of days I am unable to launch OBS. I have tried uninstalling, re-installing, removed the repository, removed ffmpeg and auto...
  3. F

    Question / Help OBS ist not starting

    I installed OBS back in June and I had no problems.No I haven't used it for some time and It's not starting. Every time I try to open it's just flickering at the bottom for two seconds, and then it's vanished. Please help me :( Edit: I tried to reinstall it a few times but it is till not...
  4. SilviaFox

    Bug Report OBS Studio crashing on startup

    OBS Studio is crashing immediately upon opening it. I've uninstalled/reinstalled OBS with no change. I updated my GPU drivers, still no change. Log and crash log attached.
  5. free1video

    Question / Help Start streaming automatically when windows 7 ultimate restart ?

    Hello how I can start streaming automatically when windows restart ?
  6. OnionKnight23

    Question / Help OBS starting output failed

    I keep getting a starting output failure whenever I try to stream VR. It used to always work before and I've had no problems streaming vr before. I'm not doing anything differently from when it used to work or have any new programs running, it just suddenly stopped working. Attaching my log below.