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    Streaming PC has single period of High CPU usage then goes back to normal

    Hello everyone, I've had this issues for awhile now and have yet to figure out the exact root of the problem. I'm running a dual PC set up with the streaming pc composed of a i5 4690k OC at 4.27 gHz and a GTX 960. I can stream for several hours without any issue, CPU usage running around...
  2. M

    Question / Help Ping spikes when streaming even though I have available bandwidth

    Upload speed: 4.8 mbps Bitrate: tried various from 2000-3000 same exact problem I get 0 dropped frames and the upload speed seems stable Usually playing with 60-70 ping and it constantly jumps at 80-95 Also I didn't have this issue before (like a month or so)
  3. R

    Question / Help Consistent lag spike / Please help

    Ok I've literally NEVER had a problem streaming before. I play PoE mainly and today I get on and I notice my movement feels a little off. I check my connection settings and I'm getting this consistent ping spike from 40 to 100 every other second. My internet connection test was SOLID. I've...
  4. equalf

    Question / Help OBS Studio ingame lag spikes

    Hello guys, I encounter a problem with some lag spikes while streaming. I want to use obs studio lag stops me doing it. I have checked all the other things like another twitch server or even another streaming platform as well as my hardware is ok. So i use windows 7 and obs classic to stream...