sources and cenes


    List all existing sources at one place

    Hi is there a way to display and manage all sources from all scenes from one place? That would make managing them all way easier.
  2. I3ordo

    Question / Help How to visually differentiate a "refence" and a "dublicate" and make source toggles specific to scene.

    Yesterday, during the stream , i duplicated a scene and made some changes but whatever i did was being applied to the original scene ( the duplicate originated from). so deleting an image source from a scene deletes it from other scene as well? is it possible to dublicate a scene and turn off...
  3. A

    Question / Help How to make the Resolution of the Camera different in each scenes

    HI, I've been struggling with my webcam resolution since 3 days, trying to find a way to settle this. I would like to make the resolution of the camera different in 2 different scenes: For exemple in Scene 1; The webcam resolution would be 950x720 and in the Scene 2; The Webcam resolution...
  4. R

    Question / Help Sources and Scenes aren't Working

    Whenever I click on add sources/scenes (click plus, right click press add), they don't show up. Not even the drop down menu shows up. Does anyone have a solution to this? (Mac) Whenever I drag a photo into OBS though, it shows up. I really want to start live streaming. Someone plz help!