Question / Help How to visually differentiate a "refence" and a "dublicate" and make source toggles specific to scene.


Yesterday, during the stream , i duplicated a scene and made some changes but whatever i did was being applied to the original scene ( the duplicate originated from). so deleting an image source from a scene deletes it from other scene as well?

is it possible to dublicate a scene and turn off some audio sources in one scene but have them "turn on" as i switch. eg:

Game w chat scene\MIC (on)
Game w no chat scene\MIC (off)
so to mute the microphone i just have to switch scenes.

yesterday i noticed "MIC" source was global. so turning off in one scene made it off on the other.

Which method should i aproach for this?


update: i checked OBS again and i can see the design there, the groups are acting as "instances" since i was using groups, groups were global "entity" so any change applied to the be it turnin it of or scaling made it applied across all scenes.

So for i think i should be doing this.

Create a scene on the bottom called "Vault" or anything you like to call it then create sets of gfx , sounds but if i were to change things per scene, i would have to add them as singe sources, not inside groups. that should give me the compfort i need during the streams.
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If you're wanting a scene to mute a specific audio device, then you need to have that audio device present as a source in one scene but not the other. There's no way currently to have different volume/mute settings for the same source across multiple scenes.

For your groups question, yes -- groups act as their own entities, so when including a group across multiple scenes, making a change in one scene will affect the other.


Yes , i knew that but as i was trying to remove the audio from the other scene, i was losing the audio from the original scene.(because i was using sources in "groups" which acts as instances and i just converted from streamlabs to Obs studio which i think is much professional(studio) and dont waste time with eye candies)

thanks for the help btw ;)