sound card

  1. D

    New audio issue in OBS (DJ controller with sound card)

    hi friends, hoping you can help a DJ with some audio issues! Screenshots and descriptions below Problem: My microphone (connected to DJ controller which is connected to an external sound card) is not registering audio in OBS / my stream. I can hear my voice in my headphones (connected to DJ...
  2. D

    Sound BlasterX G6 shuts down randomly when using OBS

    Hello, I recently bought a G6. Everything works fine in games, youtube etc. However, as soon as I launch OBS/Streamelements (to stream with my PS5), the G6 seems to crash. The sound is suddenly gone for the whole system, the LEDs are still lit. The only thing that helps is to unplug the device...
  3. G

    My discord not record by obs.

    Hello, (sry for my roasted english, I'm french.) Well, as it's said in the title, my obs isn't recording my friends voice on discord. I'm using a sound card (the sound blaster x3) wich have two differents source of play in the song menu, one for the pc sound, and one for the communication...
  4. N

    Am I doing to much?

    On my desktop I have Reckordbox and OBS; using my pioneer controller I stream my show. Always about an 1.5hrs in the whole system crashes and I have to restart my PC. I just bought a laptop. On the laptop I downloaded Reckordbox and have that connected to my controller. That works perfect. I...
  5. P

    Question / Help no sound from my sound card Fireface 400

    Hello I would like to use OBS with Mixcloud. I can't get sound out of my sound card. This is however well recognized in the software. I added an input track - then choose my sound card from the list. But no sound in the seen meter ! Thanx for your help. Philippe
  6. TheXyPod

    Question / Help Audio Input Capture Has No Audio

    Hey All, I recently took a break from streaming, and when I went to go live tonight, I have run into a problem tonight that has me pulling my hair out trying to figure it out. My audio from my sound card box is just not getting through to OBS. I add a Audio Input Capture, select my input, and...