shure sm7b

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    loud background noise, idk if it is white noise or electronic, i tried using noise compressor but even using the maximum limit there is still noise

    for the example i'm really desperate for a solution, like its not a mic problem because if i use on a different pc there is not that sound in particular, i'm in really low sound occupation room, appart from the pc when its on.
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    Audio popping issues in OBS

    Hello! I am hopeful someone can help me. I have a Shure SM7B that I believe is having popping issues in OBS when recording. I have tried many different combinations and am about at my wits end trying to get this microphone to work for creating Youtube videos. When speaking Recorded audio using...
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    Question / Help Mic picking up static noise

    So ive been streaming using obs for a year but all of a sudden my mic just decided to pick up some unknown static noise the wierd part is obs still shows it picking it up even when i unplug the mic
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    Question / Help SHURE SM7B MIC NOISE

    Hello! Im using a Shure Sm7B Microphone. Its connected with an Scarlett Solo. Which is connected again with my pc. Im running obs and there is a noise on the background. My room is quiet. it only happens when i turn the gain up on the scarlett solo and when i turn up the gain effect in the...
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    Question / Help Focusrite scarlett solo + shure sm7b = Robot Voice

    Dear everyone, I'm having a weird issue on my stream everyday even off stream. I have already read alot about it and this is what i can tell you guys. The robot voice is being caused by the Logitech C920 Webcam. The driver of the C920 seems to be interupting the driver from the Focusrite...