1. surzo18

    Preview and video recording or streaming is blurry..

    Hi, I am sure I have very good setup with AMD ryzen 7 and RTX 3080 (32gb ram) but I am unable to make my videos looks good. It is blurry in preview and also in video. I found issue may be HDR mode turned on so I turn it off but nothing changed. My outpuut is 8000 Bitrate, Encoder Hardvare NVENC...
  2. superscooper

    video is too sharp

    My screen recording is too sharp. I have tried changing all of the settings but nothing works. What the recording looks like: What it should look like: As you can see, the bottom one looks better. How do I make the recording look like the bottom picture? (I have already tried increasing...
  3. S

    Blur and Dark Streaming

    I was trying stream using obs, but while streaming the game work so smooth but the stream is blur and little bit darker than the game ,its blur even at 6000Kbps Bitrate while streaming at 1080p60fps. There is no frame drop while streaming . I tried sharp and color filter but still its not...
  4. S

    Question / Help My OBS videos aren't sharp, I need better settings

    I tried to make my videos more sharp, but I can't. I not really know why, but the video's colors a bit different. Please help me My PC: GPU: Asus RTX 2060 CPU: I7-8700 RAM: 8GB Kingston
  5. M

    Question / Help Why is my recordings so Sharp and less saturated?

    Log: Using NVENC and no sharpness filters on the Display Capture also downscale filter is Bilinear. The video is also a little dark and less saturated... Help is appreciated! Thanks!
  6. E

    Question / Help Downscaled Videos always blurry

    I’ve been messing with obs all day and it’s been fighting me in the recording tab. if I keep my canvas and output at 1440p (2k) I get a clear image but not as perfect as I’d like. I use the nvidia encoder and have a bit rate of 50,000 or so. My monitor is 2k I’d do everything the same except...