settings error

  1. N

    OBS crashing when opening video capture device settings.

    It's as the title says, whenever I add the video capture device and open the settings, it perma loads, freezes and crashes, I can't think of anything to fix it at this point.
  2. BigHella

    Зависание OBS при попытке......

    Всем привет! Возникла проблема с добавлением источника видеосигнала в лице камеры. по иттогу приложение встаёт намертво, кстати пробовал подобное в стримлабс, аналогичная проблема, подскажите с чем может быть связанно, ранее не возникало. Перекатывал драйвер на вебку, не помогло. Перекатывал...
  3. JohnP1980

    Greyed out Settings

    There seems to be a huge bug here as when I go into my settings, a lot are greyed out saying I am streaming but I am not nor am I using the virtual camera? Can someone please help me on this?
  4. Fruno Bulax

    Loss of filter functionality

    I'm new to the OBS studio. I do have experience with Adobe Premiere and audition , also Lightworks and Cubase I completed my first project in OBS without a hitch. Just a green screen short to to test it out Log file attached when i try to...