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    Setting advice

    I need help on the setting up for video screen recording for educational purposes My device is iMac 2015 - processor 3.2 GHz Quadcore intel i5 - graphic AMD Radeon R9 m380 2GB - memory 25 GB 1876 MHz DDR3 - macOs Sonoma 14.2.1 Use: I want to record my screen when I do online study. My...
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    How to use hidden notes/scripts when recording the screen

    Hello everyone! Happy new year! I would like to record my screen while I have on the same screen some notes/scripts from where I can read, but that notes not to be recorded during screen recording. I have multiple monitors but I find inefficient to read from one monitor and record the other...
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    Blurred screenrecordings

    Hello i am new to OBS. I just started out using it for some screen recording at 1080p@60Hz. The recorded video is always blurry when i use Softwareencoding. I already lowered the refreshrate to 30hz and i did a test with recording in 720p. The result however is always a blurry image regardless...