screen record

  1. Z

    Laggy screen recording file

    Hellooo! I have a laggy screen recording file and hope someone knows how to fix it. It's a 4-hour screen recording and here are the output settings I used. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! The recording started at 17:10:25.863 in the log
  2. N

    obs crackling and popping when recording,only when speaking.

    so ive been having pops and cracks when im tryng to record music tutorials in obs free, i have a apollow twin mkii solo audio interface into my computer pc windows 10 pro, evrythung is pretty up too date and i have tried so many YouTube video suggestions but no avail, it seems to be a Apollo...
  3. Zayaan

    Cannot hear my computer audio in my Head Set while OBS open

    I recently installed OBS Studio but I have a problem, I cannot hear any audio from my computer while OBS is open. I can hear when no other studio output device is connected via Bluetooth or wire, but when I connect my Pebble Zet Pro Wireless Bluetooth Head Set, I cannot hear any audio. And also...
  4. K

    Audio slightly out of sync

    Hi, when I screen record the audio is always slightly out of sync with the video. I've done it with multiple tabs open and none but the one I'm recording. It's just enough that something feels off. Any help would be appreciated. Here's the logfile for the last one I did...
  5. K

    Display Capture Not Working On New Computer

    Hello. I have been using OBS for years to screen capture events for my job. I have used it on two different computers before but now on my new computer I cannot get the display capture to work. I checked all of the settings and made sure that they matched up exactly with what I had on my...