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  1. Eize

    Problem with transition

    Hi! I have the problems with transition its just cuting video link here ← ← ← (all my settings are in this video)
  2. J

    Question / Help Scenes Change in OBS when I move to desktop or a different app

    Hello, I am loving OBS! Had a weird glitch though and was wondering if anyone has a solution: PROBLEM: Scenes change automatically in OBS when I move to desktop or a different app. This happens when I click on a finder window or go to any another app. Does anyone know of a setting or...
  3. N

    Question / Help Screen share (without showing Studio Mode Preview-Program view)

    Hello there, I'm new to OBS and I'm thinking in using it for sharing some video tutorials for my classes, especially on these days of Corona Virus. The process has not been easy per say, but I think I have been able to get all the basic steps & settings. However, I always have the same problem...