1. G

    Automatic scoreboard updated with data from Live Score sites (Sofascore, Aiscore, 365Score, Scorebar, Scorebat, among others)

    There is or is the possibility of creating a scoreboard that puts the score and time of the match on sites such as 365Score, Sofascore, Flashscore, Scorebat, Scorebar, among others, just by placing the game link and the plugin or software automatically updates the score and time about the game?
  2. cclark413

    OBS Lua Simple JSON File Scorekeeper 0.5

    Instructions Update the file path in the json_scorekeeper.lua file to point to the local location of your scorecard.json file. In OBS, Create 4 Text Sources with the following names: Player 1 Player 2 Player 1 - Score Player 2 - Score Import the script to OBS Open the scorecard.json file in a...
  3. KevinZheng

    Free Football Scoreboard 2021-11-25

    Scoreboard that is built on python and has a live display so you can bring it into OBS with window Capture. Step 1: Download the main repository from Football-Scoreboard and extract it. Step 2: If you're on Windows install python either from or the Microsoft...
  4. K

    FEATURE REQUEST - Built in GFX for lower thirds, etc

    Hello. This is a feature request. I am looking for a simple basic way to produce lower thirds... They don't have to be extremely fancy, but something that would be updatable when doing live productions quickly. And a related thing would be basic "sports" team scoreboard... Just a simple graphic...