1. g1sutra

    Multistream by Streamway 1.0

    Easily Go Live on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, LinkedIn and many more social media platforms and multiple channels from within OBS. Combines Functionality of multi-rtmp plugin and Restream like web dashboard for Easy Broadcast scheduling and management. use web dashboard to schedule...
  2. T

    Non-Free Video File Scheduler 1

    Very simply video file scheduler. Work with Browser source. Now access to system is free, but in the future, I will introduce fees of 1-2 Euro per month. Tested in 27.1.3 with runing params: obs64.exe --autoplay-policy=no-user-gesture-required --allow-file-access-from-files...
  3. pashkal

    Free OBS Video Scheduler

    Tomcat web application that enables scheduling of pre-recorded videos playbacks during OBS broadcast and creating a video plan ahead of the broadcast. Scheduled videos will automatically start in the correct layer. Currently two interfaces are supported: web interface for schedule management...
  4. H

    Question / Help Scheduling a livestream on multiple platforms using Restream

    Hello all, We currently stream to five different platforms using Restream. We have an event coming up that we would like to be able to schedule to allow people to set reminders to join the stream when it plays. We don't have to go live on all of the platforms we typically go live in, but we...
  5. Dihelson Mendonca

    Question / Help Scheduler for OBS. Are any ?

    I'm just thinking about broadcast for several hours a day, or even full time, but I need a scheduler to control when certain media files are played, advertisements, channel stickers, etc. Is there some way or ways to do that in OBS ?