1. Rumdel

    Advanced Scene Switcher configuration file.

    Guys, hello. I have a question: In which Windows directory is the "advanced scene switcher" plugin configuration file located? Thanks for the help!
  2. R

    Problem with registration audio

    Hi, I have problem with OBS, I can't undestand why. When I save the file I see that the audio is not ok, after 1 or 2 minuts the audio go in 2x. I try to attach the video but I can't because is "too large"...3.5MB file....too .zip....ok?! My CPU when I save file go to max of 40% of...
  3. S

    OBS Lua Sound notification on replay buffer save [Windows] 1.0

    A simple Lua script which plays a .wav sound whenever replay buffer is saved. Credits: upgradeQ, Gima
  4. M

    Question / Help Problem with save video

    Я снимал видео, потом когда закончил не нашёл его в папке куда сохраняются видео. Что делать? I recorded video when finished I not found it in the folder where the video is saved what to do?

    Question / Help How can I SAVE settings/scenes/sessions with out rebuilding EVERYTIME?

    I want to save my settings/scenes before closing and powering down my macbook pro. Each time I open the OBS I have to start from ground zero to build my live stream settings/scenes each time... which seems like an eternity because my stream is very complex. I can't seem to find the SAVE...
  6. T

    Question / Help Can't save to C: Drive (SSD)

    Hi, I used to be able to save my recordings to my videos folder in my SSD. Now when I try to start a recording it says that it was unable to write to the folder. It also says that I may not have sufficient disk space when I still have 45 GB left. When I try to start a recording on a USB that's...
  7. lmstearn

    Question / Help Saving an Edited Local File

    Hi there, The way I am approaching this may not be exactly standard, so if this has been asked before, the search methods are wanting. Suppose a video file on local disk is loaded into OBS and modified in some way- in this case easy crop. After performing the edit, OBS does not prompt to save on...
  8. Saeiu

    Question / Help Periodic Saving help?

    I'm planning on recording a Minecraft series, but of course since it's Java I get to deal with memory leaks. I already know that the mem leaks cause me to crash either the modpack or my whole computer whenever I play it after a bit, and I never know which it will be. I was hoping to find some...