1. A

    OBS - Catalina 10.15.1 Audio not working during streaming with Restream

    Hello everyone. I have a problem with OBS and audio. I've installed soundflower and set the output source to both the OS and OBS Audio settings as Mic/Auxiliary. When I stream through Restream the microphone audio cuts out after 5-10 minutes. What am I doing wrong? Thank you
  2. Cybert_be

    OBS restreamer virtual DJ and

    Hi all, I have a dedicated music pc (imac) where I have virtualDJ installed with all my music. VirtualDJ sents out an rtmp stream, and at the moment I stream it to and so on my channels (youtube, facebook and twitch). Now I want to improve my twitch channel with streamelements...
  3. chandlergrace

    OBS Crashing on Catalina/iMac Pro

    I am new to OBS and I have tried adjusting settings based on recommendations that I have found, but I am concerned that something else my be at play here. Typically OBS will run without issue for up to two hours prior to "going live". Typically after I have switched the scene to the Live scene...
  4. C

    In-Game performance drops while using Restream?

    Hello. I used to multistream to Mixer and Twitch with SLOBS (with no issues), but wanted to try my hand at YouTube and Twitch with OBS Studio. I've never had any issues solo streaming to Twitch with OBS Studio, but have had some pretty significant in-game performance drops. It looked like my...
  5. melad

    Disconnecting irregularly

    Hi, i am encountering some issues, it has happened a few times that the program is disconnected !! I use the OBS Studio for livestreaming via to both Youtube & Facebook I'm attaching log-file
  6. jeremyflint

    Internet Drops During Stream

    Can someone take a look at my logfile to see what could be causing my signal to Restream to drop so suddenly? I went from 3500kbps to 0kbps in a matter of seconds.
  7. P

    Question / Help Rotate aspect ratio for instagram only

    what's up people i'm using obs,, and yellowduck to stream to youtube, facebook, twitch, periscope, and instagram. any thoughts on how i could get 16:9 video output to rotate 90 degrees for *instagram only* while maintaining 16:9 w/ the other services?