1. M

    Question about performance with game capture

    I couldn't find anyone asking this specifically, so I wanted to ask: If you use the same game capture in multiple scenes, is it more resource efficient to copy that game capture into each scene that uses it, or is it better to make an empty scene with just the game capture inside, and add that...
  2. 6K Labs

    Average approval time for resources

    I was wondering what the average approval time for resources is. I posted my resource monday last week and nothing has happened so far. I understand that there is a small team sitting behind all the requests and changes and I appreciate the effort! I just wanna make sure that mine hasn't been...
  3. Z

    Posting an update?

    Hi, so I recently created a resource. How do I post an update/a newer version for it? Is that I don't see the option yet because the resource has not been approved?
  4. Z

    Awaiting approval before being displayed publicly

    My resource has been showing that for the past week. I read somewhere that it was because I edited the post after posting it. I deleted it and did a fresh repost, but it is still showing that. How long does it take on an average for a resource to be approved?
  5. G

    Question / Help why does OBS require more resources than VLC for playback?

    i want to use OBS to screen master-quality ProRes 422 HQs or h264 (i.e. not streaming or recording). I have a pretty well-spec'd computer (imac15,1; 4GHz i7; 32gb ram; AMD Radeon R8 M295X) but i'm still dropping frames significantly during playback...