red bitrate

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    kb/s dropping to 0 as soon as I open a game

    Hi there, I'm very new to streaming and trying to sort out a number of problems, but the main one i keep running into is, for almost every game i run (with the exception of I think 3 games at the moment), my kb/s turns red and drops to zero slightly after i start running a game. In particular...
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    Recently having consistent connection issues/frame drops - but internet still works during the issue

    LOG FILE: Right before I typed this post, I streamed for about 5 minutes and towards the end of the 5 minutes is when I received the issue that I am typing about - so after the issue resolved itself, I quickly stopped the stream and uploaded this log...
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    I do live stream on OBS and sometimes it goes red signal in the health bar and doesnt recover back!

    For your easy reference i will share the logfile, please let me know what makes it go red health all the time. Sometimes it is green and sometimes it gets red. May I know what makes this issue. The logfile can be fetched from the following link
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    My OBS Bitrate is in the red for certain games, any idea on how to fix this?

    So I'm a really new streamer. Really new. I hardly know what I'm doing really, and I'm just doing it for fun but I would like to be able to use this program to continue streaming. Thus far I'd only played games like Deltarune and Undertale on this computer, and since those are not at all heavy...