1. Yrfan

    Question / Help Quick sync doesn't work anymore ?!

    Hi everyone, well, 1 or 2 weeks ago, I could encode my stream with quick sync, and now when I choose this option, OBS shuts down without any error message... Here are the logs ! https://obsproject.com/logs/AyaQ0sIi1amO3VW5 Thx for trying to help me ^^' My config : OS: Microsoft Windows 10...
  2. G

    Bug Report OBS Unknown Error accured

    So I had this problem for a while now: Whenever I start recording it says "an unknown error accured while recording". I've found that whenever I start the ffmpeg-mux64 in obs-plugins it tells me that the file "avutil-55.dll" is missing. I allready reinstalled the Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 and...
  3. A

    Question / Help After Updating (21.1.0 > 22.0.2), QuickSync no longer an option

    Hi, I hadn't streamed in awhile and didn't realize OBS Studio didn't auto update, so I manually downloaded the installer and overwrote the installed files. Opened OBS64 and noticed in the settings output tab I only have x264 and NVENC, no more QSV? It worked fine on 21.1.0 and I have a Skylake...