1. S

    OBS working great, but GPU usage gradually increases over time

    Hello, all. I'm new to streaming and OBS, but I've got the program installed and working great on my system, thanks to some excellent documentation. :) This is a terrific app, and I'm finding its workflow is very close to the way I naturally think. Although I have some general new-user "How do...
  2. J

    Question / Help “New” NVENC Encoding Question

    Hi. The company I work for has several computers with NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000’s and 5000’s, which as I understand it, is the Turing line of NVIDIA cards. I know Quadro cards have NVENC chips, but does the Quadro RTX 4000/5000 support the “new” NVENC encoding that’s optimized for OBS Studio...
  3. J

    Question / Help Question: Quadro Cards and Old/New NVENC

    Hi all. Mostly all the posts I read about the “new” NVENC encoding capabilities released last year refers to GeForce, RTX, and Turing cards. I know that the most recent NVIDIA Quadro cards (Pascal) have NVENC chips, but my question is: do they support the “new” NVENC encoding in OBS that users...
  4. Q

    Bug Report obs 24.0.1 lost support for GPU - nVidia Quadro k1000m

    hello I have Lenovo ThinkPad laptop W530 with nVidia Quadro k1000M , windows 7 64bit, Today I update the OBS and when I start the stream I get the message that my gpu is not supported ..(need to update the drivers but my drivers are up to date, nvidia don't have new drivers for this old gpu)...
  5. Sky01

    Question / Help [Urgent] Can't use NVENC as an encoder? (v.23.0.2)

    Hello everyone! A month after the loss of the software and its parameters, I finally wanted to reconfigure OBS. The problem is that, in the advanced output settings, I only see the processor (x264) as an encoder! However, I have a Nvidia Quadro P5000 (update) with Windows 10 (also updated) and...