1. jcubic

    OSB doesn't detect microphone on Fedora 37

    I use Fedora 37 and OBS doesn't detect the microphone or any audio at all. Previously I was using HDMI to record my DLSR and it was working fine. No sound. This is not an issue with the system because I can record YouTube or my wired microphone with Audacity without any issue and no setup. In...
  2. jbwong05

    obs-pulseaudio-app-capture v0.2.0-alpha

    Similar to the win-capture-audio plugin by bozbez that allows for the capturing of audio from specific applications except for systems that use PulseAudio as their main sound server. NOTE: This plugin is still experimental and under development. Bugs are expected. Please submit any bugs here...
  3. MurdoMaclachlan

    No audio track in output recording (Slackware Current)

    Kind of as the title says. Recording/streaming with OBS 26.1.1 on Slackware Current, the audio in the mixer shows like it's working and I can monitor it and everything, but in the output file there is no audio, and when I imported it into a video editor, it shows I don't just have silent audio...
  4. F

    Question / Help Capturing individual PulseAudio playback sinks

    Is it possible to set up OBS to capture individual PulseAudio playback sinks instead of capture all output going to a specific device? I want to be able to adjust e.g., game volume and music volume independently of each other for the purposes of a stream, but have them balanced differently for...
  5. S

    Question / Help OBS can't connect to pulseaudio server

    Howdy yall, Just downloaded OBS on ubuntu 18.04 and am trying to get my devices set up, but when I go to select audio devices they all appear as disabled. Upon closer inspection, within pavucontrol, I see that OBS isn't even connected to the pulse audio server. running obs from terminal...