1. Woodryda

    Free HypeRate.io - Embed your Heart Rate with Apple Watch HypeRate APP Version 1.0 (40)

    HypeRate (Open Beta) helps you to embed your live heart rate to OBS directly from your Apple Watch. Super easy setup; no additional hardware, just install, copy your individual link and add it to OBS - you're all set up in 2 mins. How it works: Accept the Testflight Beta invite here...
  2. Stromno

    Non-Free Stromno - Heart Rate Streaming app for Apple Watch 1.0.0

    Stromno is a service to easily add your heart rate on screen while streaming to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook. Use your Apple Watch to read heart rate data and customise widget in personal Dashboard. You can get overlay URL on the website and use it in OBS (Streamlabs OBS, Twitch Studio, XSplit).