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Free HypeRate.io - Embed your Heart Rate with Apple Watch HypeRate APP Version 1.0 (40)

HypeRate (Open Beta) helps you to embed your live heart rate to OBS directly from your Apple Watch. Super easy setup; no additional hardware, just install, copy your individual link and add it to OBS - you're all set up in 2 mins.

How it works:
  • Accept the Testflight Beta invite here: https://testflight.apple.com/join/jrEJXnhZ
  • Download HypeRate
  • Open the App on your iPhone and allow Apple Health access (PLEASE NOTE: We submitted our final screens to Apple including estimated subscription cost - during beta NO COST CAN OCCUR link below)
  • Open HypeRate on your Apple Watch and press „Start“
  • Open HypeRate on your iPhone, go to settings and then „Share Link to Widget“ to send yourself the Link to Widget
  • Add a Browser Source to your OBS and paste link
  • That’s it :)

  • Free access during beta (will last a few more months)
  • No addtl. hardware needed
  • Easy integration directly from your Apple Watch
  • Custom CSS
  • Templates
  • an individual link that you don't have to set up for every stream
We’re looking for testers who would like to join our open beta to give us some feedback, what we can do better, if there's anything you miss and if our app is useful for you :)

Why should you join the beta?
  • Free access to Hyperate.io as long as we have our open beta. We currently plan for another few months to test out several features and also concurrent users.
  • Free template in the style of your channel individually created for you - just say hi at our discord, and we'll do that for you as a thank you :)

Please join our Discord Server to give us your feedback on the app, connect with other testers, find lots of templates and connect with other streamers who already use HypeRate: https://discord.gg/6zZntRahpX


And let us know if you have any questions!
Greetings from Germany,
Alex & Henny

Please note: To join the beta you will need an iPhone and an Apple Watch. Beta Apps will be distributed via Apple's Testflight. NO COST OCCUR during the beta and not afterward when you hit the Subscribe button! It's literally made impossible by Apple! :)
Testing you also helps us determine possible pricing, with the current server setup and average usage.
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