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    FaceCam kept at 30fps

    I have a problem with my Facecam. The problem occurred when I got my new computer. So on my other computer, my facecam would always record in 60fps no problem. Never changed anything about it in the settings. But now with my new PC I had to reinstall OBS and everything. But now my Camera isn't...
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    Lag and recording at very low fps

    Good afternoon, morning, night OBS forums. For some time now, the OBS program, as well as other recording programs, did not go well for me, they went too slow and at very few fps. I have already tried many too many configurations and tips so that it does not go so slow. I wanted to see if there...
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    OBS dropping frames every 10-20 seconds on an EXTREMELY high-end PC

    Greetings, As mentioned in the title I built a very strong PC to be able to handle 2k recordings while also gaming (on max settings) My current specs are: - Ryzen 9 5950x - 64 Gigs of 3000 mhz RAM - RTX 3090 - Samsung 980 Pro SSD 1TB (1 to run windows, 1 to run the games) - 4TB HDD for...
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    FPS rendering problem on Steamlabs OBS

    Hello, I have been streaming on the Twitch platform for 9 months without any problem. I took a break for a month and when I wanted to start again I launched different games and I noticed an annoying problem, my stream runs in 20/30 fps instead of 60FPS. The computer is new, I tested the voltage...