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    OBS dropping frames every 10-20 seconds on an EXTREMELY high-end PC

    Greetings, As mentioned in the title I built a very strong PC to be able to handle 2k recordings while also gaming (on max settings) My current specs are: - Ryzen 9 5950x - 64 Gigs of 3000 mhz RAM - RTX 3090 - Samsung 980 Pro SSD 1TB (1 to run windows, 1 to run the games) - 4TB HDD for...
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    FPS rendering problem on Steamlabs OBS

    Hello, I have been streaming on the Twitch platform for 9 months without any problem. I took a break for a month and when I wanted to start again I launched different games and I noticed an annoying problem, my stream runs in 20/30 fps instead of 60FPS. The computer is new, I tested the voltage...