problem drop upload

  1. kuoris

    problem when capturing minecraft

    Hi all. Minecraft decided to stream such a problem yesterday and the bitrate on the stream began to rise above 6000 (it rose to 10000) and thus there were a lot of missed frames. But when capturing person 5, everything is fine. With what it can be connected?and how to solve it? the game was...
  2. M

    Question / Help Steam games killing my upload speed

    Hi team, I have this issue when I stream Steam games (PUBG, Smite) that seems to cap or kill my upload rate. Not sure if you have encountered this same issue, but here attached is my log file. Thanks.
  3. R

    Question / Help No dropped frames, but stream stutters and lags.

    I have a i9 9900k that's boosting to 5ghz while streaming. My GTX 980 is overclocked to 1500mhz, and 4000mhz memory. This should be more than enough for streaming 720p @ 60 FPS I've tried following a ton of different threads to see whats wrong, nothing is working. I'm wanting to stream Anthem...
  4. RecoiL

    Question / Help Dropped Upload/ kb/s - My modem is unconfigured?

    Hello, Mod, Admin and People. My nick is RecoiL, Sorry for my english. I from South Americ, Chile (we speak Spanish). I have had the same problem for more than 4 weeks, my internet failed for a long time and I asked for a modem change, called the internet company, and the problem was not the...