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    Help: Pro Presenter NDI not compatible with OBS Studio 28.0.2

    Hey guys, Do you anyone of you have a fixed regarding connecting Pro Presenter NDI to the new OBS Studio 28.0.2 because it seems like its not communicating to each other? Here is my setup: My camera plugs to Blackmagic Atem Mini which is compatible with the new version of OBS 28.0.2 but it...
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    How to make a difusion on a web page with obs Studio

    I am new to OBS Studio and I would like to know if it is possible to broadcast live on a web page developed in C#.
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    Slide delay on OBS

    I am sending Pro Presenter to OBS on a different device through NDI for church sermon slides. About 5 or so minutes after running both programs, a 1-2 second lag of the slides shows up. So if I transition a slide on ProPresenter, it takes 1 second or so for this change to take place on OBS. I...