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    Question / Help PPT导出的图片只能一张张添加???

    PPT更新的图片只能在场景中一张桌子的添加,很麻烦 老师的PPT课件一般都100张JPG 推荐添加新功能,批量添加 或者是直接添加PPT场景功能,可以热键调整上下页面 请添加此功能,很有用谢谢 有同样需求的同学请留言 还请技术大佬解决,十分感谢
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    Question / Help Stream powepoint and a video from Camera

    Hello All , I have below requirement , and i couldn`t find option to stream from OBS . If you can share an idea on how i can do , I would really appreciate it. Offline Setup (no streaming ) which i am doing today : 1. I give presentation from a stage 2. I have a Microsoft power point...