1. rse

    Free OBS Crop Control 2021-12-22

    This is a small HTML5 Single-Page-Application (SPA), running inside a Browser or directly inside a Source Dock of OBS Studio, for interactively controlling the position and/or size of one or more related Crop/Pad source filters in OBS Studio through a remote OBS WebSockets connection. The...
  2. Astronod

    UI positioning issue in 4K resolution

    I'm having some issues using OBS in 4K resolution. Web based windows (twitch docks) behave strangely. I tried to explain the situation in the images below. This is what it looks like in 1080p: And this is what it looks like in 4K: Is this a known bug? Can someone help me with this? Log...
  3. A

    Window position not saved after update to 26.1.0 (64 bit)

    Hi, Updated to 26.1.0 (64 bit) and window position is not preserved when the application is closed and reopened. I could not find a setting to control this behaviour. Have I missed it, or is it a "bug" akin to Bug Report - Window Position/Size | OBS Forums (obsproject.com) ? Regards,
  4. U

    BUG: Window Layout/Size Not Being Saved/Recalled

    It appears that the main OBS window layout always defaults to the same size when relaunched. All other applications on my iMac save the last window position & size. OBS does remember if the program was in full screen, but not the actual size and position of the windows in normal view. I am...
  5. U

    OBS Lua OBS Studio mouse cursor skin 2.5.0

    Read setup and full description here: https://github.com/upgradeQ/OBS-Studio-Cursor-skin/blob/master/README.md
  6. albedozero

    OBS Lua Source Swapper 1.0

    Choose the two sources you want to swap, along with the time duration, optional delay, and minimum size for the shrink-grow effect. The effect looks best if the positional alignment of the sources is set to "center" in the transform.
  7. bromagosa

    OBS Lua Transformer 1.0

    Fill in the origin and destination positions, dimensions and rotations for a source or group of sources, select an easing function among the 22 available ones and click on "Do it!" to trigger the animation. You can also trigger the animation via a hotkey. Thanks to Mun Films for sponsoring the...