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    OBS does not capture windows in Pop OS

    Hello, I downloaded OBS Studio flatpak and when configuring the fonts, the windows OBS was not capturing, after reading some topics I went to test and realized that only the windows of programs in GTK are not being captured, programs flatpak and snap were captured normally. I tested in the .deb...
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    NVENC Error in POP OS 21.04 (ubuntu)

    i switched to linux a few days ago, i used nvenc in windows no problems at all but when i try using it on linux i just cant already tried flatpak installation, snap installation, reinstalling the os, building ffmpeg directly from source i have a gtx 1050ti | NVIDIA-SMI 470.57.02 Driver...
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    Question / Help Very Choppy Video

    So I've been fiddle farting around with OBS four a few weeks. When I after I finished recording the video file that's created is very choppy with quite a bit of stuttering. I've lowered my output resolution to 720p and have tried tweaking around with the settings to no avail, understand I'm sure...
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    Question / Help Audio Issue - Fuzzy and Phase

    Hey All I’m new here and really enjoy the software but I have run into a bit of a problem. Here is my set up PS4 - ClonerAlliance Flint LX - loop out to TV - Flint LX USB 3 to Laptop Laptop : System 76 Pop Os Darter Pro i5 8th Gen, 16GB Ram I have been running tests and it’s been doing...