plugin errors

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    OBS Crashes while using Waves StudioRack and adding a Plug in

    Hello all I'm using OBS version 30.0.0 on windows 10 When I add Waves Rack Studio to an audio source, StudioRack loads fine but when I add a plug in, OBS Crashes Im attaching an image and a copy of the log. Waves Central version 14.4.3 Waves Gold Bundle 10.0.0 Any help would be appreciated
  2. C

    No plugins showing up after Mac install

    Hi there Anybody know how to install plugins successfully on a Mac? Tried several times now but nothing working - Marvel GEQ, Scene Switcher and a couple of others. Have a feeling it's something I'm doing - but don't know what. Operating an M1 Mac with Ventura! Thanks
  3. O

    anyone know what $RX15VCD is?

    I tried updating to version 28 and got my stream deck working but I still get this error when I attempt to load OBS, i copied it out of the plugins folders but I don't know what it is or if it was important so any info would be appreciated.