1. O

    OBS Doesn't recognize my KRAKEN X RAZER headset.

    When I go into the Settings - Audio-Desktop Audio- my headset isn't there. Been doing every thing I can see of to fix it, nothing works. Any help would be great.
  2. K

    Question / Help My videos are bad quality ;~;

    My recordings are bad quality and i don't know how to fix it ;-; ( also, idk how to put a video here it wont work ;n; ) Also, it keeps crashing. heLp-
  3. DuderDudeZ

    Question / Help quicksync/nvenc issue

    hello,I have a lenovo ideapad laptop 100-15IBD It has an i3-5005U that supports quicksync intel 5500 graphics integrated gpu nvidia 920m gpu 4gb ram -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I can't find any option to enable IGPU or Multi Monitor in Bios and idk...