Question / Help quicksync/nvenc issue


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hello,I have a lenovo ideapad laptop 100-15IBD
It has an i3-5005U that supports quicksync
intel 5500 graphics integrated gpu
nvidia 920m gpu
4gb ram
I can't find any option to enable IGPU or Multi Monitor in Bios and idk why quicksync and nvenc don't show up in encoder settings,only x264.
they showed up before in windows 10,but I reinstalled windows 7 and now idk what is wrong,I have all the drivers.
pls help I want to stream


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Quicksync is not supported under Windows 7 and the nvidia 920m doesn't support nvenc.


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I have not been rude yet, why was my post deleted, other than you cant fix my issue? By telling you you can not fix my issue is not being rude, also stating a fact like I will have to come back tomorrow and maybe several days in a row to find some help or someone who can help me is not being rude just stating the fact that no one has been willing and able to fix my issue. Instead I keep getting the same old fixes over and over again which do not work. Is there a tech in here that can help, YES or NO is the only reply needed not false accusations of me being rude or ill make 500 accounts and go off on that person. thank you


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@TrumpsterBob I don't know what post you are referring to. Your rant post here seems unrelated to this thread, and you don't specify what issue with OBS you're trying to resolve, so I'm not able to help. Make your own thread with your issue. If you made your own thread with your issue and nobody answered, it is not an excuse to fill unrelated threads with your issue as well, because it is, well, unrelated. One thread for one issue, and if this issue is resolved, like in this thread, the discussion in that thread is finished and cannot be extended with something unrelated.