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    how can you make pitches synchronized ?

    how can you make pitches synchronized ?
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    Question / Help Sound Issues - Pitch Randomly Gets Lower/Slight Clipping

    Hello! After streaming with Xsplit for months, I recently decided to switch over to OBS. We've done a couple of streams with no issues, but my last two streams have had an odd problem: some sort of error is happening to the sound where the pitch gets lowered/starts clipping. Suddenly, our...
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    Question / Help In-game audio sounds lower than it's supposed to and I've no idea why. Can anyone help, please? UPDATE: It has now been fixed, yay!

    Hey, so I've been trying to livestream some gameplay of Castlevania: SotN (great game, btw) on Xbox 360 to Twitch via OBS, and recently, I had started recording AND streaming simultaneously so that I could keep the clips around. My computer was able to do this absolutely fine, but when I opened...