1. R

    OBS is starting to cause serious lag and slow-down, and I don't understand why

    Context: I'm an art streamer who works with Photoshop regularly, and I use an 11.5 inch Macbook Air from mid-2012, 8GB memory and 256 GB storage. I've been using OBS to stream it for several years now, and for the most part it's worked fine. But around April or May this year, it started...
  2. O

    Display recording for 3 hours, iMac screen turned purple/crashed

    Hello, Tried to record a longer video of my display, showing my work process in Photoshop that I would later speed up to a timelapse video. About 3 hours in to the recording my iMac screen turned purple and essentially crashed, which made me restart the computer and unfortunately lose my...
  3. S

    OBS won't display my Photoshop canvas on Windows Capture.

    SO I've had this reoccurring problem for god knows how long, since I got my this laptop that I'm using, I want to stream Photoshop using OBS but it's not letting me. OF COURSE, I've tried other ways to stream photoshop using OBS. Such as DISABLING HARDWARE ACCELERATION, unticking the "Use...
  4. Stinkisar

    Bug Report OBS Recording Black Screen issues with fullscreen mode in Photoshop CC

    Hello first post, I'm very new with the software I like it all quite a lot but I've encountered a really weird bug and no search so far helped me find a possible solution. Here is the clip of the bug > I've attached the...
  5. F

    Question / Help How I stream/record Camera Raw?

    When I choose it, the main screen turns grey
  6. F

    Question / Help Cant stream Zbrush

    Hi, hope u are well Im trying to stream Zbrush but OBS seems to not recognise it, if i set "Widows capture" the software doesnt show on the list (buth other osftware, like photoshop do actually show and work fine). The only place where It detects the software is on "Game capture -> Show...
  7. S

    Question / Help Photoshop Issues

    i tried going through a few of the earlier threads regarding photoshop but I cant seem to get it to work still. I use a secondary monitor(wacom cintiq) for artwork. I tried using display capture but only this comes up: the screen remains completely grey. I even tried moving OBS to that...
  8. K

    Question / Help my obs crashes when I stream on twitch and I use photoshop

    Hello everyone , my obs crashes when I stream on twitch and I use photoshop simultaneously help me please :(