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    How do you render live chat for Periscope/Twitter Live?

    I only know the code for Youtube but I use periscope. Can anyone tell me how to render the chat from there?
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    Advice on streaming live video from periscope

    Hi, Not sure if right thread - looking for advice on how to stream live video from periscope as source into OBS then back out into periscope/YouTube with added graphics/Titles ect - can this be done? thanks in advance
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    Question / Help Sound & Crash Problem with OBS on OSX Catalina 10.15.2 (Streaming via Periscope)

    Hey lovely people ;) i´m a newbie and tried OBS since a week for streaming my DJ Mix with OBS to Periscope. My Problem: -after a few minutes (yesterday 1 hour and 17 minutes) my OBS Screen was frozen, then my iMac27 shut down automaticly and restart, open OBS my Browser with persicope again...
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    Question / Help How do I stream with OBS on Periscope and talk over live at the same time?

    Howdy, I've been using OBS for about 6 months doing simple streams of videos to Periscope. I have that down. I want to go to the next step by streaming the video but also being able to comment live over the video. Or, putting the video on Hold and starting a discussion. Trying to figure out how...
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    Bug Report Issue seeing comments while streaming with OBS to Periscooe

    It has been an ongoing problem for over a month while using OBS to stream my broadcast on Periscope. People using Android devices are having issues seeing comments during live broadcast. We thought it was a Periscope issue, but after running a few test broadcasts we see that the issue only...
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    Question / Help not to broadcast the periscope

    Hello . For some reason, the translation in the periscope does not work. the video was launched via OBS, the broadcast goes live, but in fact it is not visible and there is no video on the channel. What could be the problem ? does not broadcast periscope, why? The same situation through...
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    Question / Help Periscope Group Chats via OBS

    I would like to host a group/private chat in Periscope using OBS. Is it possible? If so, any help on how to do it would be appreciated.
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    Bug Report Castr io - Periscope - Windows

    I have a problem very strange, very very strange. If I use OBS to stream in Periscope, works. If I use OBS to stream in Facebook, works. If I use OBS + Castr io to streaming in Periscope and Facebook, only Facebook Works. This is in two differents computers: Windows 10 and Windows 7 64, in two...