output mode

  1. PSJahn

    Recording Lossless WITH multiple Audio Tracks

    So I know that you can record Raw Video using the Simple Audio mode, but it appears that you can only record multiple Audio Tracks by changing the settings using the Advanced Output mode, so how can I both have lossless video but also multiple tracks?
  2. B

    Separate Audio / Video Output Settings

    I'll keep it short and sweet, you should be able to record multiple audio tracks without switching to the advanced output mode. I've become proficient with it over the years but only out of necessity, and It still doesn't compare to using the high-quality presets in the simple output mode. I'm...
  3. F

    Question / Help Can not change recording path after updating OBS

    I have recently updated OBS and wanted to change my recording path. However I can not, as the option is grayed out: I can not change the output mode either, as that is grayed out as well. How can I fix this problem? OBS: 23.1.0 (64 bit)