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  1. S

    Mini DV screen recording alignment issue

    Hey there, I'm in the process of screen recording Mini DVs to digitize them. I'm using OBS version 29.0.2 (mac) on a 2013 Macbook Air. Running the Mini DVs from a camcorder (a Canon Elura 2) to my PC using an RGB cable plugged in to the HDMI Docking Station that comes with the camcorder (it's...
  2. EposVox

    Capture Retro Game Consoles for under $200

    I get asked a lot about how to record older video game systems that only have RCA, Composite, S-Video, or Component video out and stream them to Twitch - especially for those without CRTs. While the analog capture world is actually pretty vast - I'll have a much bigger video coming soon breaking...