1. parsivan

    Audio problem help!

    Hi My setup: I have a school laptop with i3-10110U processor and intel UHD graphics that i use with a Behringer UMC1820 sound card that i connect using asio plugin to obs. I have 5 mics so 5 inputs sometimes 6. This setup has worked fine enough for school project. It's a podcast for the school...
  2. P

    OBS ASIO and UAD Console (Switching / Locking 44khz when running 48khz)

    I always run everything on my computer at 48 khz and the first time I used OBS ASIO it allowed me to run 48khz. Now, every time I add ASIO Input Audio Capture as a source in OBS, it immediately switches my UAD console to 44khz and locks the rate so I can't change it. Forcing me to change all...