obs with 2080ti

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    OBS - Recorded Footage is laggy but stream quality is fine (2080ti + 3950x)

    Whilst streaming at a decent quality (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/641440239) to twitch at 720p 30fps on a bitrate of 2500kbps my recorded footage at 720p 30fps appears laggy. This isn't ideal as I want to edit the raw recorded footage to edit and upload to youtube. Log File...
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    Question / Help Obs + brio + Fortnite = lagging, low frames, why???

    Hi, i need a opinion. I spent over £4k in my pc and i can't do a basic live stream 1080p/60fps :(((( This is insane, i know but i can't find the issue. My setup i9 7920x, rtx 2080ti, mb tuf x299 mark2, i'm using one 34inch wide dell 4k monitor. This is my wife pc, she's a streamer. She's...