Question / Help Obs + brio + Fortnite = lagging, low frames, why???

Hi, i need a opinion. I spent over £4k in my pc and i can't do a basic live stream 1080p/60fps :(((( This is insane, i know but i can't find the issue. My setup i9 7920x, rtx 2080ti, mb tuf x299 mark2, i'm using one 34inch wide dell 4k monitor. This is my wife pc, she's a streamer. She's streaming fortnite, she's playing in 1440p (locked on 60fps) and on obs downscale lanczos 32biti to 1080p 60 fps. Webcam logitech brio running in 1440p/30fps. Everything up and running get 25% processor 35% gpu usage, nvenc encoding high profile, quality, 7mbps bitrate. No, i dont have connection issue's, no droped frames from obs or in obs log, but the game is lagging like hell!!!!! In game fps goes down to 30-50 soon as i press streaming button. This is insane, reinstall windows few times, all drivers, nothig changed. Now, if a setup the brio 1080p, everything works fine, no lag or if i stop the streaming, again everything goes fine. So something get filled up and must be a connection betewen brio-fortnite-obs. Also tried x264 encoding, no change, still lagging. So, please, any idea what can be the problem here? Thank you (i did tried the new nvenc beta 9 encoder, no change, i did tried a new pci xpress usb 3.0 card for brio only, no change, i did tried all the possible settings on game/obs/windows and still nothing Obs-Brio 1440p - Fortnite 1440p it will not work together and i can't find why :( , and yes, fortnite and brio running in 1440p its a 'must' because everything looks sharp downscalling to 1080p with 32biti lanczos) So if obs is using the 2080ti dedicated encoder, why is making Fortnite to lag when i press streaming button?
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ok, i think i found the problem but not the solution. On the task manger, GPU, 3D graph view get to 100% and everything start lagging. Looks like the game, brio and obs are eating from this 3D. Now, how i can move this load to anything else or why this happen on a top specs pc. Thank you
I have the same Problem with OBS Version 22.0.2 on Windows and Linux on 2 PC's, Gaming-PC and Server/Streaming-PC. On my tests the problem is OBS itself. For a test i installed Streamlabs OBS on my Gaming-PC with Windows and the same config like OBS, absolutely no problem to record my Game in 4K without Framedrops and perfect recorded Video. I am asking me why can't OBS that? I hope there will be coming a solution from OBS.